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Correlation between retinal demage in Age related macular degeneration and cardio-vascular patology in patients with cardio-vascular diseases

Aleksandrova S.
I Eye Clinic Hospital – Sofia
Рецензент: д-р Христина Видинова д.м.


To find correspondence between the levels of retinal changes in age related macular degeneration cases and the gravity of the attendant cardiovascular disease.

Retrospective analysis of macular degeneration patient’s fluorescein angiograms and searching for comorbidity with internal diseases in the electronic archives of the Premier Municipal Hospital for Active Treatment in Sofia for the period November 2011 to June 2015, has been performed. For 31 patients diagnosed with macular degeneration, information for concomitant internal diseases was found. Our further study showed that 10 of the patients had serious cardiac impairments, 8 of them had also significant retinal changes. The patients with the pulmonary diseases had most severe retinal changes. We do not have information for their smoking habits.

All age related macular degeneration patients for which we found detailed information had arterial hypertension. Correspondence was observed between the severities of the retinal and the cardiovascular changes. The eyes of patients with a pulmonary disease were most significantly affected. The conclusions are not statistically significant because of the size of the group but they are relevant to various multinational studies. We have observations for which we could not find scientific articles worldwide. They will be on the found of our future researches.


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Case report of sympathetic ophthalmia, manifested with involvement of the anterior segment

V. Haykin, Y. Zdravkov, A. Oscar, Iv. Tanev
Clinic of Ophthalmology, University “Alexandrovska”Hospital, Sofia
Department of Ophthalmology, Medical Faculty, Medical University – Sofia

Sympathetic ophthalmia is a bilateral, T-cell mediated, diffuse granulomatous intraocular inflammation, occurring after a penetrating injury of the eye or following a surgery. The clinical manifestations vary from mild visual loss to total blindness.  In 80% of the cases it is observed within the first 3 months and in 90% within the first year after the accident. The diagnosis is based on medical history and clinical examinations. There are no specific laboratory tests.

We present a case report of a 71 year old male patient with an atypical presentation of sympathetic ophthalmia, involving only the anterior eye segment, without affecting the posterior segment.

In case of severe eye injury, without perspective for preservation or recovery of visual function of the injured eye, inability to restore the integrity of the eye layer by layer and lack of aesthetic function, primary enucleation should be considered. Despite the positive results, the best treatment is prevention.


Ляво око – състояние след тридневно лечение


Дясно око – претърпяло травма

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